Wholesaler Request

Join Our Retail Family!

Looking to add ro∙sham∙bo baby merchandise to your inventory?  There is no cost to sign up for a wholesale account, but you must complete the following steps:

  1. Create a regular account if you don't have one by clicking here
  2. Request that we convert your account to a wholesale account by emailing helpme@roshambobaby.com with from your account email or filling out the form below. In either case, make sure to include:
    1. Email address used to create your account
    2. Your business name
    3. Your Website or Sales Channel Location
    4. Tax ID and Resale Tax Certificate number (where applicable) for verification.

Once Approved

After your application has been approved, you will have access to our wholesale online shop where you can order and checkout all of our products at special wholesale pricing. Please carefully read all of the following:

  • Orders placed here are intended for resale by your business only - brokers or distributors please contact scott@roshambobaby.com for information. PLEASE NOTE, OUR PRODUCTS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED FOR RESALE ON ON AMAZON.COM, JET.COM, WALMART.COM OR EBAY.COM. We work with exclusive e-commerce partners for these outlets.
  • You must be signed in to your account your created above to see wholesale pricing.
  • Each unique order total must be at least $100.
  • We are happy to provide an acrylic display tray if you are a first time wholesaler. if you would like a tray, please respond to your invoice confirmation email with the request. it will not be included without request.
  • if you require bar codes on your items, we also request that you respond to your email invoice with that request. they are not affixed by default.
  • US processing / shipping for smaller orders is fixed at $15. We have found that is a pretty accurate reflection of our actual cost to ship on the large majority of US retail orders. NOTE: your shipping total will show as free when you check out, but you will be charged a "shipping & handling" fee instead. this is due to a quirk in the system that does not allow us to turn off the free shipping offer we give regular customers on orders over $40. International processing / shipping fee is set at $35 for the same reason.
  • Large orders (over $1000 or so) may be declined to be filled through this portal due to inventory management concerns. If you have a large volume order and want to check inventory prior to ordering, please contact scott@roshambobaby.com. we would hate for you to be disappointed by a refund and no shades :*(
  • If you sell online through your OWN RETAIL WEBSITE (not the large e-commerce sites above, those are still not allowed!), please note our retail prices on our website ($20 baby, $25 junior, $35 adult and polarized) are to be considered our minimum advertised price (MAP). you may list at 19.99 / 24.99 / 34.99 if you choose. failure to adhere may result in a suspended account and emails with frowny faces from us.
  • No sharing accounts please!
  • We reserve the right to refund and decline to fill items or orders as necessary.

Thank you for your interest in our little family company, we are thrilled to add you to our quickly growing retail family! 


12 unit point of sale tray included with your first order