Warranty Registration

We also hate when lenses get lost or scratched! If twisted at an awkward angle, it is possible for lenses to pop out of your shades. Have no fear! The lens is shatter resistant and small parts tested, so it is still safe for baby on its own. It is also extremely easy to pop back in to place (watch our video).

But if you happen to lose a lens or even just scratch a lens, we got you covered: we’ll send you replacement lenses free of charge! We can’t have one of baby's eyes unprotected! Kind of defeats the purpose. Use code "oneeyedwilly" at checkout to get polarized (gray) replacement lenses for free, and $5 off mirrored polarized lenses (colors). All you pay for is shipping!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at helpme@roshambobaby.com