color & cut fit charts!

not sure which size to get? print our downloadable shades outlines and give them a try at home! easy as pie. mmm... pie. first doc (with the thundercat!) is a full approximation of our baby size (including the arms), next doc is the front piece of all sizes for comparison (no arms included, measurements available on product pages).

to use:

1. download by right clicking the desired image below and selecting "save image as" (if you run into any issues, simply email and we will send you the charts directly!)

2. print (make sure to scale the print at 100% or it won't work right! sturdier paper works better)

2. cut 'em out on the dotted lines (color 'em in first for bonus points!)

3. try 'em on! hold 'em over yours or kiddo's face to find the perfect size

*Please note that slight variations may occur, these are just a helpful tool. remember, you can always order our shades to try them on for real and do easy returns or exchanges if you need to!