Polarized Sunglasses for the Whole Family!

By Stacy Brown

We have exciting news for 2019! All ro•sham•bo baby unbreakable sunglasses now have polarized lenses, including our mirrored lenses! Yes, that means that all of our baby, toddler, kids and adult size sunglasses. WOW! You gotta watch this video and see how we did it:


You read that right: polarized, unbreakable, ultra-light, prescription friendly shades with a damage and lens replacement guarantee starting at $20. *Our Chinese made competitors charge $35 for polarized lenses. That's crazy!!*

Better glasses at a lower cost?  How can it be!? Since we're making more sunglasses we're able to buy in bulk, and we're passing on the savings to you! To keep you and your little one's eyes safe from the sun at all ages. :)

polarized unbreakable baby sunglasses


Polarized lenses reduce glare and eye strain, while still delivering 100% UVA/B/C protection. We take kids eye protection seriously: as much as 50% of lifetime UV damage to your eyes occurs before the age of 10 and is irreversible - causing terrible longterm ailments!

= kids need great shades!

polarized sunglasses


1) Because of your support over the years, we are now buying enough shades from Italy to get a volume discount from our manufacturer... instead of being greedy, we decided to pass that savings on to you.

2) Previously our manufacturer assembled our shades for us - that's expensive! Now, we proudly assemble our shades in our little warehouse ourselves (and with the help of an amazing team).

Make Shades in Italy + Assemble in USA = Better Product & Lower Cost for YOU!

italian made usa assembled sunglasses

Our goal is to be known as THE best quality family shades and prescription eyewear at THE best price. All while still supporting autism charity with each sale. Buy polarized sunglasses for the whole family today!