Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant - A Message From Our Family Company

By Scott Morris

To our unbelievable community of customers,

Our inboxes are filled with brand statements about the reaction to the virus too. We decided as a family business we would forgo a email reminder to our customers that things are scary right now and instead keep things positive and do everything in our power to keep business as usual.

The sun will keep shining. The birds will keep singing. Maybe that vacation has to wait a while. We won't be going to opening day at the ballpark any time soon. But as long as you, and more importantly your kids, are healthy, please try to stay positive. We can go outside as a family and enjoy the sun. We can play in the yard. We can run and ride and roll around in the grass. We can go for a hike.

That said, nobody is insulated from this. At roshambo shades, we are doing what we can to weather this and plan to come out stronger on the other side. It's not going to be easy, we had big plans this year, but they can wait. There are more important things to tackle. Here is what we are up to:

1) Our staff is working remotely. Linda, our Customer Service star, will be answering your emails from home. Stacy, our Creative Director, is playing teacher to her little ones (check out her mom blog for creative project ideas!) while still designing our emails and Instagram posts that hopefully put a smile on your face. Our Warehouse Manager, Jen, will be taking some projects home to help us plan for better times. Scott and Julia are trading off being at home with the girls and keeping things going in the warehouse. Scott (the owner) will be alone in the office/warehouse daily making sure that your online orders are still going out on time. Despite the California shelter at home order, we are a necessary business because we are providing prescription eye wear to kids that need them! Unless something changes, we are going to do everything we can to keep your order going out normally! Please be a bit patient with us if some things like returns and exchanges are a bit delayed. Everyone is keeping their job and their pay that they need more than ever right now. Thank you for those of you that are keeping the online orders coming - you are truly keeping our little family business alive.

2) Yes, our unbreakable family sunglasses are made in Italy. NO, there is no possibility of contamination on our product coming from Italy. All of our stock has been in our warehouse since well before the outbreak. Plus, the virus only lives on surfaces for hours, not the weeks and months we have had our stock. All good, ya'll. 

3) Our direct prescription eye wear fulfillment will continue uninterrupted and just like usual. We have been working closely with our optometry lab to make sure they are still filling our customer orders, but doing so with safety as their top priority. Prescription glasses, especially quality, practical kids prescription glasses, are a necessity, and we understand that many parents are going to rely on us more now than ever before to deliver their prescription glasses directly to their door to avoid going to an office.  Please note, all of our prescription frame try on sets are always thoroughly disinfected before shipment, and more thoroughly now than ever before. Plus, the CDC notes this virus does not live on surfaces for more than a few hours. We got this.

4) Our regular donations to autism charity for every purchase will instead be sent to virus relief efforts until things get back to normal. Our charitable partner, Surfers Healing, will be shut down during this time too, like so many other organizations. In the meantime, our charitable giving can be better used by those suffering right now. 

5) For our wholesale partners, the mom and pop retailers, toy stores, optometry offices, gift shops, and hotels that carry our shades, we are going to do everything we can to be flexible for you. We know you are suffering the most. We can extend credit terms or hold orders until you are safely in the clear and your doors are open again. We are in this together, and we are in it for the long run. If you need our assistance, just ask. If we can do it, it’s done. 

6) We are going to do our best to use this time to enjoy the extra time with our kids. We know, we know. They can drive you crazy sometimes, and 4 or more weeks without school sounds like an eternity (check out our blog about activities to do with them at home!). But while we socially isolate from the general public, we are going to turn inward to connect with our little girls in a way that can be hard to do during the day to day grind. Our Easter, though it might be just in the backyard, is going to be as awesome as ever.

Have a joyful Easter everybody and enjoy the extra time with your kids in the sunshine. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive. Fresh air feels really good right now and sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Scott & Julia (Founders, roshambo baby)