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Families That Shade Together Stay Together.

By Scott Morris

Dear families,

You may have noticed our website looks a little different since March. We basically bet the company that everybody out there would respond to our new motto: Families That Shade Together Stay Together. We always knew we would do a kids/junior size if the baby shades proved popular, but owners Scott & Julia took it a step further and made shades for the whole family. We figured we need an updated look on the website while we were at it.

If you guys are like us, you understand perhaps nothing is cuter than matching your kids. We surveyed the kids sunglasses online world and could not find anybody that was making high quality, reasonably priced sunglasses that went from baby through adult sizes, so we thought, why not us?

We are super proud of our baby sunglasses precisely because they do not look like standard baby sunglasses. No cutsie design, Mickey Mouse or flowers on our shades. Just a classic adult-style design for your little fashionista/o. When we found out we were having a baby (she's now 15 months old!!), we knew we wanted to dress her in stylish clothes and accessories. That is why we originally created our line of a baby shades, because we believe Little People Deserve Big People Shades. However, there came a point that dad was getting really jealous of his daughter's awesome shades with sweet colors and 90's pop culture names, so we knew it was time to step up our game and bring our shades to the biggest kids of all: moms, dads, and grownups.

Worst case scenario, Scott and Julia will never have to buy another pair of sunglasses, but we hope it does not come to that and you guys like the idea of family shades. As always, each purchase supports autism charity, so you can look awesome and feel awesome at the same time. Not only that, but we don't cut corners on quality: the adult shades come with polarized lenses standard, are made in Italy, come with a pouch, and only cost $35. I know what you're thinking: $35 for polarized shades called "ice ice baby" - where do I sign up!? Good news, you can get them right here on this website. And if you buy more than one pair you get free shipping and family sunglasses pack discounts. Did we mention you can also match your baby and little kids??

Enjoy your family shades and remember:

Families That Shade Together Stay Together.

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baby eye care: the facts

By Scott Morris

with spring around the corner, we thought it was a great time to remind parents of the importance of protecting baby eyes from damaging uv rays. the following info comes straight from pediatricians and optomotrists, so probably worth paying attention…

pediatric optometrists warn that most of the lifetime ultraviolet (uv) damage done to a person’s eyes occurs during childhood and the risk for retinal damage from the sun’s rays is greatest in children less than 10 years old. however, the consequences usually do not become apparent until well after they are adults. this is because eye damage due to uv exposure accumulates over a lifetime and the cells of the lens of the eye cannot repair themselves and are never naturally replaced. we took our shades to leading san diego optometrist, dr. stanley mestman, here are his thoughts about baby eye protection:

“unfortunately, years ago we did not have the knowledge that we do today of the harmful affects of uv radiation on our eyes. just as sun exposure to the skin can be cumulative and cause problems later in life, so can uv exposure to the eyes. uv radiation has now been linked to the formation of cataracts, which is a clouding of the crystalline lens within the eye. it also can cause growths on the white part of the eye,which are seen frequently in surfers and others who spend a lot of time in the sun, called pingueculas and pterygiums. we now feel that there is evidence that uv exposure can increase the risk of damage to retina (the inner layer of the eye)called macular degeneration, later in life.

i have been advising my patients to wear sunglasses and to have their children use them for a number of years. my wife and i have been giving baby sunglasses to babies of our family and friends since we found out about them. these glasses, which have been tested to be 100% effective against uva and uvb radiation, help to get the children started early in the protection of their eyes….in addition, they come in many styles, and sure look cute!” – stanley mestman, o.d. (doctor of optometry)

thanks, doc!! the good doctor went on to tell us babies are at a greater risk of sun damage because they have undeveloped corneas (baby eyes have baby corneas!) and the incidence of unprotected uv exposure is greater in children. the damage that can be done early in life can culminate in severe eye problems and even blindness later in life. to help prevent these problems, doctors suggest children be taught to wear dark lens sunglasses with 100% uva and uvb protection (which our shades have, of course!!). that is why pediatrician dr. alan greene warns: “teaching your children to wear sunglasses may be more important than giving them a college fund” and why we are committed to the idea that: little people deserve big people shades. get baby UV protection by browsing our collection of stylish baby shades.

learn more about our updated slogan: “families that shade together stay together” in our next post…

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on a serious note… our baby seizures story

By Scott Morris

as most of our customers know, the baby team is made up entirely of mom julia, dad scott and baby avery (7 months as of this writing). that’s it, we do it all, despite mom and dad both having full time day jobs. packaging and shipping, design, website, blogs, store visits, you name it. we even put the labels on our packages by hand. our baby girl is our inspiration for not only our baby sunglasses company, but is now our entire world (parents out there, especially first time parents, you know what i am talking about). that’s why we struggled with the idea of writing this particular blog, but also why we decided we should: on the one hand we did not want to label our daughter to the world as a sob story or “broken” in some way (keep reading, she is in no way either…), but on the other, when she started having seizures at 4 months old we scoured the web for stories about baby seizures, hoping for at worst informative but scary, and at best reassuring content, but not always finding it.

more to the point, we never found a story that matched exactly what we were seeing with our daughter, which terrified us. that’s the thing we came to find out with infant seizures: every case is different and terrifying in its own way, so we decided to get our story out there in case there is another parent or guardian seeing these signs of seizures in babies and not knowing what it is or how to deal with it. our story has a happy ending and our daughter’s seizures were very mild compared to the violent, repetitive, and unpredictable episodes some families cope with. we realize that, are thankful for it, and by no means intend to minimize the much more serious struggles some families live with. the following are excerpts of notes we kept in the days leading up to our stay in the hospital, our 3 day stay in the hospital, and how she has progressed since. just writing this has brought up some of the same intense emotions we went through then; we hope this finds its intended audience and our thoughts go out to parents going through this.  -  scott, julia & baby a


march 16, 2014, 8 am: i write this as we get settled into rady’s children’s hospital waiting for doctors to take a look at avery. for the record, let me back up and explain what has been going on. about a week ago, we started to notice that avery was having a strange reaction when she was waking up from naps. her eyelids started twitching really quickly and with no apparent control on her part and her face got really flush like she was holding her breath. she would also stare straight ahead without breaking her gaze no matter what we did. we only saw this when she woke up from sleep, no other times and it only seemed to last a few seconds, then it would be over as suddenly as it began. needless to say, we were alarmed, but she showed no ill effects from it so we assumed it was some strange sleep-related issue and would go away.

it did not go away. it got worse. at first it seemed like it only happened after naps occasionally. within a few days, it became clear it was happening after every nap, no matter how short, and the episodes were getting more severe. not only were her eyes fluttering, but now she was pushing her tongue against the side inside of her mouth and sometimes clenching her fists and stretching out her arms and legs. they also go longer, going from mere seconds to minutes in matter what we did while she was in this state; gently blow on her face, snap, sing, clap, she was not coming out of the state from our actions, she just had to work through them and finally, thankfully, she would gently snap out of it and immediately be the happy, smiling girl she always is (note: we have attached baby seizure videos in the links below of some of her less severe episodes to show what we saw and hopefully give some parents a hint about what they might be seeing. again, we struggled with the idea of including this content, but felt it was important because it would have been helpful for us to see as we struggled to figure out what was going on).



in our panic, all we could think to do was try to record as many of the episodes as we could so we could show our pediatrician. we were lucky that we were able to catch a few because we knew when they were happening, when she woke up. recording her episodes was the best thing we could have done both for our pediatrician and later for the pediatric neurologist. we called our doctor and explained the symptoms and it was his opinion that it was probably just something sleep related and nothing to be worried about. as it kept happening and once we were able to show the videos, they agreed we should get an overnight eeg. when we called to schedule one, we were told a the next available appointment was 2 weeks out. at that point, that was entirely unacceptable. 2 more weeks of this would have felt like 2 years. we called our pediatrician again in a bit of a panic and explained the situation. she lobbied for us, pulled some strings, and pleaded with the children’s hospital, and by morning, we were admitted. we will forever be thankful to coast pediatrics in del mar, california (shout out!) for doing that for us. that brings us to today.

we got checked in early this morning and went through the standard round of questioning from residents, nurses, etc. baby got all hooked up to her eeg gear (a series of wires that look worse than they are, though she was not happy when they went on), and she thankfully fell asleep somewhat quickly. selfishly, i was praying she would have an episode when she woke up, wouldn’t it be painfully ironic if she woke up perfectly for the first time in over a week while hooked up to all this gear! luckily (?) she had her most pronounced episode the second she woke from an hour nap; arms stiff, eyes rolling. nurses came in to watch and monitors went wild with activity.


after a couple anxious hours, the neurologist confirmed that these were, in fact seizures, and epileptic seizures (meaning basically, not an isolated event, but reoccurring). apparently, something like 10% of all children will have a seizure during childhood, but it is repetitive episodes that makes them more worrisome. so, now we need to figure out where in the brain they are coming from and if there is anything obvious on a brain scan that is causing them (scary!). nobody says as much, and we are hesitant to ask but we take that to mean they are checking for abnormalities or tumors. the scan will be tomorrow and we are told we will be here until she is seizure free for 24 hours. unless they intend to keep her awake for 24 hours, that seems like a tall order based on the last week and a half of seizures after every single nap.

somewhere between 2 and 4 am, march 17: everyone knows this, but sleeping in a hospital room is terrible. we have a love seat to share between the two of us, which means dad is sleeping on the floor. avery is not sleeping much because of the stressful environment, all in all, not so comfortable, but still happy to be here. julia is feeding her while she is tethered to her bed with wires, it is so sad. we have had some emotional moments too thinking terrible worst case scenario thoughts about the mri tomorrow and long term issues or impairments. all in all though, we are doing ok and i am so proud of my wife for handling this with the strength she has.

morning, sun barely threatening to come up: the only food accessible quickly is a mcdonald’s in the lobby of rady’s children’s hospital. this seems a clear conflict of interest of a hospital, but i will give them a pass because mcdonald’s sponsors the ronald mcdonald house across the street that houses and feeds families looking after kids staying in the hospital long after we are gone and with much scarier issues. fantastic cause and we are proud to continue giving to them after this experience.

the neurologist has given her a medication called keppra, clinical name levetiracetam. it is supposed to be mild and her hope is it can stop the symptoms immediately. we have some some lessening of the length of the episodes, but they have not stopped entirely. she is going to up the dosage, but it’s a good sign there has been a noticeable effect, and if the mri comes up clear we’ll be feeling pretty good. [note on keppra: it is supposed to have minimal side effects and we have been lucky not to see any noticeable side effects in avery, but we were warned of the possibility of dizziness, drowsiness, throat irritation and some other more severe issues]

2:40 pm, march 17: mri is done and we are back in the room waiting anxiously for results. poor baby has not eaten all morning and still can’t eat until we are given the all clear on the readout. tough day. the mri may have been the worst part of this whole ordeal so far, but only because we could not be there for it. you feel so powerless when you can’t even be there to hold her hand. because infants can’t sit still long enough to run the mri, they had to put avery under for the test. we knew it would go fine and the doctors would take great care of her, but it is terrifying to say goodbye and leave your baby in somebody elses care. that was tough, so glad she is back with us, even though she is very groggy from the sedation.  it will be a couple more hours before we know the results. baby is now down for a nap…

3:20 pm: avery woke up from her nap with no episode! first time in about a week! it is so strange to be so thrilled about something we just took for granted, but we are overwhelmed. called parents and close friends that were on alert to let them know the good news and couldn’t help shedding a little tear. looks like the medicine is working, so mri readout is next…

4:30 pm: mri preliminary readout looks normal! doc needs to confirm with the specialist tomorrow, but we have allowed ourselves to breath a little easier now.

5:15 pm: setback. i was about to call my dad to catch him up as she woke up from her nap after eating for the first time in 13 and a half hours! she looked fine for 10 seconds, then had another small episode. somewhat devastating after the highs of the last two hours and knowing that her dosage has already been increased once. the doctor has told us this means we should plan to stay overnight again.

sunday morning: rough night. slamming doors, hear rate alarms and general hospital noise kept the baby (and us) up most of the night, not that i was going to sleep much on the hospital floor. the otherwise very helpful nurse came in and suggested white noise and one point, turned on internet radio and it was set to extremely loud reggae blasting in the baby’s ear. she felt terrible, but we could not help but laugh a little bit. she was also nice enough to prop open a closet door outside our room that had been slamming all night with a trashcan and a note that read “shhhhh! baby sleeping!” – we saw that in the morning and were so thankful.

sunday, noon: we are officially being released today! she is still not episode free, but they are not after every nap anymore, and they are much less severe and long than they were. we were told the medication can take up to 2 weeks to full kick in at times and she was so impressed with how closely we monitored (and taped!) the episodes, that she had no problem sending us home to watch her.

5 pm: home, in bed by 5:30. there is truly no place like home.

no place like home! minutes after getting back from the hospital baby and momma sound asleep

aftermath: within days of being released from the hospital, avery’s seizures stopped entirely and we have not seen one since (as of this writing in late june, about 4 months later). she still takes her keppra orally twice per day and will continue to do so indefinitely, or until we can confirm that the reaction in her brain is no longer occurring. in about 6 months to a year we will do another eeg and see what’s going on with her little brain. the hope is that she will simply outgrow this and we can take her off the medication. luckily, she does not seem to have any side effects from the drug, so we are more than happy to live with this. we are so thankful for everyone, doctors, nurses, family, friends, that helped us through this, and we truly wish all parents out there seeing symptoms like this the very best of luck finding answers and overcoming what may well be the scariest days of our lives, as it was for us. if you have questions you can find our email address on our website.

oh, and as always:

little people deserve big people shades.

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us weekly feature with jaime king: poppin’ bottles with models (and awesome baby shades)

By Scott Morris

newsflash for loyal’ers! our cute kids sunglasses were just featured in an april issue of us weekly!! friend of the company, gorgeous and talented actress and model, jaime king, best known for her roles in hart of dixie, sin city, and pearl harbor, was interviewed by the magazine about motherhood, and what do you know, her little guy is rockin’ a pair of our “baby smurf” shades in the pool! she has shown off her baby’s awesome style all around town and we couldn’t be happier she loves us! she has posted adorable pics of her baby on instagram several times, getting 40,000 likes from her fans! there is word of more awesome publicity like this in the pipeline, so keep looking for us! check out all the awesome pics below of our favorite actress, model, and mom, jaime king and her adorable family!!

here is the article! how cute is that little baby in his “baby smurf” shades! “poppin’ bottles with models! jaime has been seen all over los angeles with her little guy rockin' our kids designer sunglasses!


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90′s timewarp game and in tokyo!

By Scott Morris

hello loyal’ers! a lot has been going on here in the land of tiny sunglasses. as you know, julia and i welcomed our first baby over 5 months ago (!!) and she is doing great. you may have noticed an adorable little light-haired girl routinely popping up on our website, instagram (@roshambobaby) and facebook (roshambo baby) pages… that would be little avery. it is so fun now that she fits our shades so well, and yes, she wears them everywhere. we have no problem with nepotism or exploiting our cute little girl to show off our great baby shades, so get used to seeing her adorable little face:

world autism day was april 2!! we still proudly donate to autism charity with every purchase!

in other news, we have made our second official international appearance… while we frequently sell to individual international customers online, we have now placed our baby sunglasses in two countries via distribution or wholesale orders. we already told you about australia in our last post (g’day ozzie babies!), and now we are stoked to announce our shades are on their way to an awesome chain of baby boutiques in tokyo, japan! we lined up the shades we sent packing in our new office before we sent them on their long journey, sayonara shades!!

these baby shades are taking over japan!

that brings me to our final bit of news since you might have noticed the saved by the bell dolls in the picture above… we have a new headquarters!! julia firmly believes that scott really wanted to start this company as a front to legitimize renting office space to show off his awesome (sad? ridiculous? scary?) collection of 90′s collectables (junk? crap?). i assure you, that is not the case, it’s all about the baby shades and the autism charity, but it is a nice bonus, and man, do we love some 90′s nostalgia. you can probably get a sense of our devotion based on this picture of just one wall of our new office:

how much 90′s swag can you find in the picture above??

game time! remember those old “highlights” magazines where you had to find hidden objects (yes, that’s another 80′s/90′s reference), let’s give it a try – can you find and name all the 80′s/90′s stuff in the picture. by our count, there are at least 17 90′s related items (or sets of items) if you look very closely. sorry it’s not the best picture, didn’t say it would be easy. ***answer at the bottom of the blog.

we have lots more in the works here at baby, including some new product announcements coming sooner rather than later… thank you for all of the support you have given our company, it is truly humbling and we hope to keep bringing you the best baby sunglasses on the market. keep an eye out for us on social media and please help spread the word about our designer baby sunglasses and our cause supporting autism research. hopefully you’ll start to see our Ro·Sham·Bo glasses popping up soon in the likes of us weekly and ok! and you’ll be able to say your baby had the best baby shades in the world first!! as always, remember:

little people deserve big people shades.

***quiz answer: the 90′s swag in the picture above: (1) hungry hungry hippos board game above the cabinet no the right, (2) mega man graphics, (3) cabbage patch san diego padres doll, (4) a pound puppy (5) set of 3 carebears in logo colors, (5) a poppel (awesome, we know), (6) gobo fraggle doll, (7) family matters urkel doll, (8) a “rad” movie poster (9) a simpsons art cell (old episode where bart is an exchange student in france!), (10) “rugrats” gang art cell (sorry for the glare on the glass), (11) saved by the bell dolls, the whole gang! (12) beavis and butthead bobble head dolls on top of the ac slater doll – tiny i know, didn’t say it would be easy, (13) some 90′s comics, including ghostrider #1, the one where superman dies for the first time, and an autographed mr. t comic, (14) 8 bit nintendo flower vase, (15) bonus tough ones: a mad magazine featuring beavis and butthead as clinton and gore, a beckett magazine with michael jordan playing baseball on the cover and a people magazine 90′s edition with rachel/jennifer aniston on the cover, (these are bonus because you probably would have had to see them from the tokyo pic…), (16) tricky one and hard to see: in the sunglasses mirror reflection, you will see some garbage pail kid stickers on the door… (17) ultra bonus / impossible based on the picture: a dvd of “the last dragon” - anyone remember that kung-fu movie with the hero leroy and the bad guy “sho-nuff.” classic. how many did you know?

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new year, nannies, and shades down unda’!

By Scott Morris

happy new year everybody! we have been meaning to do another newborn baby blog post for a while, but you know, life gets in the way. since our last post a lot has been going on with our company and our family.  baby avery is now almost 3 months old (where has the time gone!) and is starting to love her roshambo baby shades and shirts (like she has a choice). here are a couple pictures of our baby with sunglasses, so cute, huh :)


we have also learned just how exhausting being new parents is! mad respect to all you parents out there, especially those of you with newborns and toddlers or heaven forbid, multiples! it’s all we can do to stay on top of one, let alone two or more. feels like all she does all day is eat! but, we have been lucky that she sleeps pretty well at night all of a sudden, after two months waking up what felt like hourly at night, she now will go to sleep around 9:30 or 10 and sleep until 4 or 5 straight through, eat, change, then usually go to sleep for another hour or so. definitely not complaining there, especially since super mom is doing almost all the early morning wake-up calls now that dad is back at his day job full time. now, if we could only get her to sleep in her crib and not mommy and daddy’s room… but that can wait i guess, we love having her so close to us.

we are also currently struggling through the anxiety-inducing process of hiring a nanny for baby avery. mom goes back to work full time at the end of february, so we have to come to grips with the terrifying proposition of hiring a nanny to watch our precious little bundle for a couple days per week. luckily, dad is going to start going part time at his job when mom goes back to work, he will be working on our little sunglasses company part time while watching avery for 2 days per week (he’ll be bringing her to our new roshambo baby office with him… daddy-daughter day everyday at our company headquarters!!). that still leaves 3 days per week when we are entrusting our baby to a stranger. of course, we are doing all the due diligence we can on our candidates, including thorough question, calling referrals, and multiple meetings in person, but it is still terrifying! we have met some great candidates, but it is hard to make such an important decision.  it’s also eyeopening how expensive having a nanny is! it makes sense, they are only responsible for the most important thing in your life for several hours a day, but man are we going to have to sell a lot of shades to pay our nanny!! if you have any tips for us or want to share an experience you had with a nanny (good or bad, it’s helpful to hear cautionary tales too!) please leave a comment for us below!

as for our little business, we are working hard to make 2014 a big year for roshambo baby. we have a goal of increasing our retail partnerships big time by the end of the year and are already on track to take our baby sunglasses international! as of february 1, we are officially working with petit australia, a fantastic, family owned, high end children’s products distributor in australia to place our baby shades in australian stores… look out sydney, here we come! we are also officially registered to participate in the 2014 abc kids expo in las  vegas sept. 7-10.  the abc expo is the largest children’s product expo in the world – it is a big investment to take part, but we feel it is necessary to get in front of buyers from all over the country and the world. we have to protect those baby eyes everywhere, not just southern california! with any luck, but this time next year, you’ll see roshambo baby sunglasses in a baby store near you! if any of our loyal customers out there know of any stores or distributors you think we should contact, please tell  let us know (email addresses available on our about us tab at

thanks everybody, and as always, remember:

little people deserve big people shades.

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5 crazy days… the newest team member is born!

By Afterpay Integration

what follows is excerpts from a journal i kept for the 5 days we were in the hospital for the birth and aftermath of our beautiful daughter, avery, joining the world and the team. yes, this newborn baby story is a bit personal and sappy, but my hope is it might help/entertain some anxious soon to be first time parents out there and drum up some good memories for you already parents about the most exciting, surreal, and scary time of your life: welcoming a newborn. advertising alert: don’t forget to pick up a pair of baby shades as a stocking stuffer for all the babies in your life, we need to send this girl to college (and of course, continue to support the autism research institute).

as always, remember: little people deserve big people shades. enjoy some baby delivery stories!

11/10/13. getting ready for avery. we leave for the hospital tomorrow to bring you into the world. we are packing this morning for what feels like a very strange vacation. we are going to be in the hospital for 5 days with you starting tomorrow, so we need an entire suitcase of clothes and other things in anticipation of your arrival. the next time we will be at home you will be with us! very strange to think about. we definitely have some anxiety setting in as we think about having you, mostly about how the surgery will go and whether you will be healthy and happy. we always took for granted you would be healthy, but now that the day is here doubts inevitably creep in. to take our mind off of it today, we had some friends over to watch the chargers-broncos game. chargers lost 28-20 (of course). the night before we left for the hospital we had homemade cheesteaks and watched homeland trying to take our minds off it. very excited but also nervous. mom’s surgery is scheduled for 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, so she can’t eat or drink anything after 7:30 am tomorrow. her ‘last meal’ is chocolate chip waffles, yogurt, and fruit. you’ll quickly learn about your mom’s chocolate addiction, she tried to temper it while pregnant with you,  but it won out on occasion.  here you two are the day before you are born! mom’s a bit uncomfortable.

11/11/13. your birthday! 11 am: it is a beautiful 80 degree day in san diego in the middle of november. we had planned for fall weather and only brought warm clothes for you to come home in! leaving for the hospital is surreal. after check in we are taken to a delivery room and mom is hooked up to an iv and monitors. the nurse has to do a platelet test so we had to be here an extra hour early. mom’s platelet count had been low, if it is too low, should would have to go under general anesthesia for your c-section – not what we want because she wants to hear and see you as soon as you are born. luckily, the test quickly come back with good news, mom can have the local and be awake for surgery. first hurdle cleared. strangely enough, while waiting for surgery, mom started having severe contractions every few minutes that were really intense, i guess you really wanted to be born on the 11th after all! we had asked to have you on 11/12/13, but that day was already taken! 3:30 pm: mom is wheeled into surgery and i follow in my scrubs. i have to sit outside the room while mom’s spinal is given. the nurse talking to me was an awesome guy with tattoos everywhere – we shared a juicebox and he told me he had done over 10,000 c-sections. made me feel better, but still nervous for you. when i am allowed in to the or, a curtain is up by mom’s head and i am given a seat next to her. in what felt like no time, dr. greenberg is telling us that you will be here any second – she even commented on what a cute little butt you had and that you had a really tight grip on something (i didn’t ask) and did not want to let go! 4:30 pm: there is a loud cry and you join the world! my heart races and i kiss your mom on the head. we are both terrified but so happy. i am invited over to meet you and am instantly in love. you are so perfect, big round dark blue eyes, puff of black hair and so tiny! 5 lbs 15 ounces with a great set of lungs. such a little peanut! while they are cleaning you up you grab my pinky with your little hand, then i cut the umbilical cord. very strange, like cutting through thick rubber. love you so much already baby girl.

4:50 you are wheeled out of the operating room on a little cart, all wrapped up, warm and happy, and your grandparents met you in the hallway, they love you too and comment how beautiful you are. we wheel you into the delivery room where we wait for mom and get to know you. 5:30 pm: mom is back in the room recovering and the nurse has to give you a couple of shots (vitamin k i think) -nooooo! so horrible, you cry so hard you even have a little tear. i can’t stand to see you in pain. me you and mom are given some family time alone and you try breast feeding. we spend about 2 hours alone getting to know. you are perfect and we are so happy you are here. your mom did so great in surgery and i can already see her motherly instincts kicking in. my girls are amazing, love you both. 9pm: first night – absolutely crazy. after sleeping a long time after surgery you were up and hungry. your second attempt at breast feeing wasn’t as smooth as the first, you had some trouble latching and are not sure if you are getting anything. over the next 6 hours we kept trying. had a scary incident at about 1:30 or 2 in the morning, you spit up a bit of blood and it looked like you were choking. the nurse assured us it was “left over” from the womb because c-section babies don’t get some of that liquid squeezed out of them. crazy, but we feel better when the nurses are not at all concerned. the nurses suggested they take you back to the nursery after that to keep an eye on you so we could sleep. neither of us could get any rest because we were so worried about you all the time. we managed about 2 hours of sleep. look at your tiny little hand!

11/12/13. figuring it out. 5am and you are on your way back in from the nursery. your mom is doing such a great job caring for you. we both love you so much. i would write more, but i’m sooo tired. 7am: had a great feed then promptly threw it up all over the place. excellent. 9:05am: dr. warner came in to look at you, said you are perfect, but we already knew that, not even a birthmark to note.  you still haven’t pooped yet, you have about 6 hours until it’s a concern. grandpa harry had to go home to work this morning, but grandma didi is staying for a couple weeks to help out. grandma cindy is coming at 10 with a roberto’s carne asada burrito for daddy, the hospital food is terrible. we are all so lucky to have such helpful parents that love you so much! 11am: grandma cici came to say hello before work. she picked you up and you immediately took a huge #*%$ as soon as she picked you up to welcome her – well done little lady. 11:20: you wouldn’t eat, so we did daddy daughter skin time to calm you down… i had an awesome time with you, you just stared up at me with those dark blue, almost grey eyes. you are so precious. we had a family nap, you on my lap, momma sleeping and we played lullabyes to put us all to sleep. heaven! 4:25 pm: 5 minutes shy of  1 day old! you’re growing up so fast! dad’s law school friend mike derksen overnighted you a package of michigan wolverine gear – a michigan novelty birth certificate, onesie and cute blanket (mike is your crazy uncle with the michigan tattoo that daddy runs detroit city distillery with… fyi readers, look us up on facebook if you are a spirits drinker, my other business endeavor is nothing like this one :).

5pm: your mom and i watched the movie “serendipty” in the afternoon while resting. on our first date in september 2001, we saw that movie in the theater in westwood while students at ucla, it has always been “our movie,” so i brought it to the hospital to watch with you. it’s a cheesy movie, but it brings back good memories for us – we’ll show it to you someday when you can appreciate it a bit more. i had to sneak out of the hospital for a couple hours to send some shades out to customers (customer service never rests!) and get our mail… full disclosure: i even snuck in a nap – didn’t realize how tired i was until i laid in our bed – the cot at the hospital gave me a horrible pain in my neck. that was the first time i was away from and i missed you so much! 5:30 pm: poop problem solved! you had your first one this morning and have been on a roll since then, this last blowout makes it about 4 in a a few hours. really picked up the pace, well done little girl. not really sure where it is coming from because you are constantly falling asleep when your mom tries to feed you.

11/13/13. ouch. too early am: you were pretty good last night (you are up every couple hours to eat but generally go right back to sleep), but your mom had a forgetful/busy (we’ll give the benefit of the doubt) nurse last night that screwed up her pain med schedule and generally forgot about her. poor momma had to wait hours to go to the bathroom and it caused so much pain when she finally got up she was shivering and crying in her bed. dad came to the rescue though and held you for a couple hours while mom’s pain meds kicked in. she is doing better this morning and we got a little sleep. you went to the nursery from midnight until 2 am at the nurses suggestion because we needed sleep so badly, then came and ate while dad slept, then i held you and mom was able to sleep from 5-7 am. never thought such little sleep could feel so good. i have a horrible pain in my neck from being in a strange position on a lumpy cot holding you for hours last night, but so, so worth it. dr. warner came again, you have lost 7% of your birthweight already (seems to me it’s all in the poop… you can lose up to 10% and still be “normal”), so we have to keep an eye on that. every time you try to eat you put your hands in front of you mouth and accidentally block your mouth, annoying, but i’m sure you’ll get it… 5pm: you are a pooping machine. the nurses have 2 poop boxes on the chart per day we are supposed to check when you poop. you have dropped 5 already today. very little peeing though, that is a concern, you could be dehydrated and not getting enough food. you do always seem hungry.

11/14/13: losing weight. early, early morning: kind of concerning that  avery keeps losing weight. down to 10.9% of birthweigth as of last night. probably because you keep falling asleep when mom tries to feed you. we were hoping to go home today, but we want to make sure we take care of your eating before we do. mom is going to start pumping milk to help feed you. mom tried to feed you every 2 hours last night, then i would change you (one poop per feeding still despite the weight loss so you are getting something!) and hold you until you fell asleep. generally that would give us about 30 minutes of sleep until it would be time to start over! daddy loves holding you after feeding and lulling you to sleep, you are so pretty. we love you so much baby girl! afternoon: you don’t want to work for you meals – you do 2-3 sucks then stop and usually fall asleep. we are told you have to do 7-8 sucks to get any milk flowing. we had to have a lactation consultant come in to help out. we have to feed you through a little tube and syringe to make sure you are getting enough food! it’s so sad, like feeding a little baby bird. it is really stressing your mommy out. 6pm: came back from picking up grandpa harry at the airport and picking up dinner at pf changs and found your mommy in tears because you are not eating. even the tube and syringe didn’t work tonight. after some trial and error we found a good way to get you to take it though and you had your first really big meal of your life (about 20 milliliters). what a relief and then you passed out immediately. poor mom has to pump for 20 minutes after each feeding and dad has to stand over mom with the syringe while you eat, but whatever it takes to get you eating we will do. when you got weighed this afternoon you were already up 5 grams! woo-hoo! 

11/15/13: let’s go home! 1am: you had a great feeding, another 20 cc out of the tube and then you slept in your bassinet until 3:45 am, exactly when you were supposed to eat again and let mommy and daddy sleep for nearly 3 hours, felt like forever! we are getting ready to go home today and feel a lot more confident now that we know how to feed you until you can do it on your own. can’t wait to get you home baby girl. you and mom have done so good, i love you so much! 4pm: we are home!!! finally. you are putting on weight and doing great. as soon as we got you in the car seat you started screaming. you hated it and cried the whole way home in rush hour traffic. tough start to leaving the hospital, but you were fine once we got you home and fed.

6pm. all the grandmas and grandpas came over and brought dinner for everybody – pork loin and cheesy potatoes and mommy had a well-deserved glass of wine to celebrate. to top it off, ucla had a rare friday night game just for you and we beat washington. as far as dad is concerned, it is no coincidence his chargers, ucla bruins and padres are all undefeated in your lifetime (albeit only one game played so far, but i’ll take it). great day and can’t wait for the rest of them! your mom and i love you so much and can’t wait to see where your life takes us and you. we are terrified and excited and know we’ll make a lot of mistakes, but one thing we do know is that we will always love you and support you in everything you do (especially your pending career as a sunglasses model for our little family company…). if you are ever frustrated with us or we are ever frustrated with you, read this journal and remember that this is always how much we love you, no matter how you feel right now. can’t wait for the rest of our lives. welcome home, avery. xo, mom and dad.

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getting ready for baby!

By Scott Morris

as many of you know, owners scott&julia are expecting their first baby very, very soon. if things go according to plan, baby girl will be joining the team in a couple weeks! just like her mom, our little girl is extremely stubborn and refused to flip despite our best efforts, so she is forcing our hand and julia has a scheduled c-section on the afternoon of november 11th. please brace yourself for lots of photos to come – we have no issues with nepotism here, she will absolutely be our favorite shades model very soon.

as all new parents can attest, prepping for baby has proven to be a strange mix of joy, anxiety, stress, excitement, and pure terror. adding to our recent list of worries is the whole breech baby thing. we always new c-section was a possibility, but it is crazy to have a date on the calendar and know a relatively major surgery is impending that will result in a tiny human being.  it would have been nice to get baby girl to mom right away without the whole ripped open abdomen thing, but hey, safety first. guess dad will have to hold down the fort while julia gets worked on. wish us luck!

in funner baby prep news, we have officially finished our nursery. the pictures below can give you a good idea of what baby girl will be brought home to; went with a soft yellow, pink and grey theme. pink animal portraits give the space some character, and that chair is a glider/rocker/recliner combo. it is exactly as comfortable as it looks. above the changing table you will notice scott’s vinyl collection, baby girl is going to get a mix of classic rock along with her nursery rhymes (i am confident she’ll be a big billy joel and/or tom petty girl). if you look closely, you may be able to distinguish the two-tone yellow stripes on the wall. please appreciate them. men, if your wife ever tells you she wants two tone walls and convinces you to do it with some version of “it won’t be that difficult,” run. just run away. getting those stripes straight, taping, waiting to dry, painting and repainting was awful. in fact, i believe the geneva convention now lists forcing a husband to paint stripes in a nursery a human rights violation.

what you are looking at below used to be scott’s beloved office/ man cave. autographed ucla jerseys proudly hung on the wall, there was a mini basketball hoop, a tv, a super comfortable couch for unscheduled napping. it was heaven. there is no better symbolism for mentally preparing to become a father than removing your kareem abdul jabbar autographed jersey from the wall and replacing it with a picture of a pink zebra. profound stuff. i have to admit though, i like it more now.


ucla jerseys would look great above the crib…

thanks for continuing to support our little company with a big cause. we plan to be fully operational through this whole newborn thing, so keep the holiday orders coming so we can keep supporting autism research and send our daughter to college some day! stay tuned for nursery decorating tips and updates about our baby girl!

as always, remember,

little people deserve big people shades.


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