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Roshambo Donates Prescription Glasses to Families in Need for Every Padres Home Run

Talk about a home run! We are so excited to partner up with the San Diego Padres this season and give back even more to our community. We all know things are a little different this summer, but at least baseball is back on TV. That's something right?! And even though we can't enjoy the games in person, it is just as fun watching from home with our family and cheering on our favorite teams.


For the 2020 Padres season, Roshambo Shades will be donating a pair of prescription glasses to a San Diego family in need for EVERY HOME RUN hit (95 this season!). That is something to cheer about! We are so happy to be helping out our local community, and will be partnering with local organizations as well as our own customers in need to find the perfect candidates. We recently donated a pair of Roshambo Baby prescription glasses to Nick Smith, one of the world's smallest men and new superfan of Roshambo! If you know a San Diego family in need, please let us know!

Autism Charity: Surfer's Healing

Our regular donations to the autism charity, Surfer's Healing, will continue during this time and we will also be donating to COVID-19 relief efforts until things get back to normal. We know there are many suffering during this time and we will do our best to help! 

We are proud to provide a portion of all sales to this autism charity year round. They take kids with autism and their families out for a day of surfing and confidence building... it's all about what these kids can do, not what they can't. You can learn about what they do at

What Makes Roshambo Frames so Different?

When our founders Scott & Julia started this company, it seemed strange to them that nearly all high quality adult sunglasses were made in Italy, but basically all kids sunglasses were made cheaply. Why can't kids have high quality shades too?? After about 2 years of searching, we found a independent, family owned Italian sunglasses manufacturer with a background in toy manufacturing.

When we told them we wanted flexible, child-safe, ultra-light, virtually unbreakable frames, but they could not have any toxins, including: BPA, lead, latex, phthalate, cadmium, etc etc, they understood why we demanded that and how to make it happen. They were able to custom blend a perfect formula for us that is what we have used ever since. As far as we know, we are still the only kids sunglasses line made in Italy and assembled in the United States. 

We also believe in removing all unnecessary paint in our product as it just winds up in little mouths! We injection dye all of our colors (that is why you will not see designs or tortoise shell pattern on our frames - just color blocks). This process locks in all the color into the material so it cannot leach out. We also build our logos into our molds, so our name does not have to be painted on. Our logo is laser etched on our lenses instead of painted as well. In fact, the only paint on our product is the required "Made in Italy" stamp and product name.

San Diego Padres Game Giveaway! 

[NOTE: COVID-19 put this one on hold... hopefully 2021!] We are super fired up to be chosen for a promotional giveaway day at an upcoming Padres game featuring our kids sunglasses! Being a lifelong Padres fan, and having the inspiration for the business come while sitting in the outfield at Petco Park, this is a particular dream come true for Scott. We hope this partnership is a jumping off point for the next phase of our business' growth and exposure both in our hometown and on a national level. Despite all of our successes to date, we are still very much a small family company with a long way to go. Here's to the future (and go Padres!)!


Thanks for visiting our blog! Here is the latest and greatest news from Roshambo and our team in San Diego! We are so thankful for all of our customers, partners and exciting opportunities coming up.

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