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you asked for it, we delivered. we assembled a team of licensed opticians to add clear prescription lenses to our awesome, bendable, durable, lightweight frames right through our website for only $99! (yes, that price includes the frame and the prescription service!)... save hundreds of dollars on costly trips to the optometrist and designer frames that you and your kids keep breaking! great for sporty, active kids on the go or as an affordable backup pair. we guarantee that the prescription you receive will match the prescription you send us, or we will fix it free of charge. bonus points: it's easy to pop the lens in and out, so you can mix and match frame colors! just buy our regular shades (in the same size!) and swap out the tinted lens to have a pair to match every outfit! currently, we can only add clear lenses, tinted prescription sunglasses lenses coming soon we hope! however, the awesome clear, lightweight lenses we use have a filter to block 99% of harmful UV rays in addition to being impact-resistant so they will not crack or shatter!

Here's how it works:

1. choose the color frame you want from the available options. for better color images and more frame info, please visit the sunglasses product page for each color. make sure you are adding the correct size frames! if you want to try the frames on first (recommended!) we suggest you purchase a pair of regular sunglasses before using this service and return them free of charge once you know they are a fit. we also have a fun and useful printable size chart that can help! once we make the prescription lenses, you can't switch sizes or get a refund for the lenses since we have already paid to have them custom made!

2. upload your prescription using the "choose file" button above. even a clear picture of it will do! you can also respond to the email invoice after your order is placed with an attachment if you prefer. sorry, Uncle Sam says we can't process prescription orders without a valid prescription! if your prescription does not include your Pupillary Distance (the distance between the centers of each eye), just call the last place that performed your eye exam to have them measure, or you can do it easily at home by following the directions in the last product photo! please email the photo to us after purchase to get a more precise fit! pupillary distance is highly recommended! we can only fill prescriptions within the range of +/- 6.00 sphere and - 4.00 cylinder.

3. sit back, relax, and wait for your unbreakable new glasses to arrive! most orders should ship within two weeks (sorry for the delay, but the optometrist makes you wait that long too!). we can fill most prescriptions, but if for some reason we can't fill yours, we will let you know and issue you a full refund. read the details, frequently asked questions about the service, and legal mumbo jumbo here... please read carefully before purchasing this product as there are limitations on warranties and returns!