Thundercat Black & Teal Shades Join the Roshambo Baby Family

By Stacy Brown

We kicked off the New Year with an online vote from our customers to help us pick the newest color for our family of pop culture-inspired polarized sunglasses and prescription-friendly frames. And thanks to all of you who voted, we now have black & teal shades on our shelves just in time for Father's Day!

If you can't tell, we love the '80s and '90s. Everything from the names of our shades (Kelly Kapowski pink, Ice Ice Baby white, Bueller black...) to the decorations around our office! Which is how we came up with our newest name: Thundercat!

Available in 5 sizes, your little Lion-O, Panthra and Cheetaras are going to look amazing in these black and teal beauties (snarf, snarf). All lenses polarized and mirrored lens options also available for an extra pop of color!

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats... Hoooo!

We offer these frames for our polarized sunglasses and prescription glasses in all 5 sizes: baby, toddler, junior, adult S, and adult L. Come check them out!