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on a serious note… our baby seizures story

By Scott Morris

as most of our customers know, the baby team is made up entirely of mom julia, dad scott and baby avery (7 months as of this writing). that’s it, we do it all, despite mom and dad both having full time day jobs. packaging and shipping, design, website, blogs, store visits, you name it. we even put the labels on our packages by hand. our baby girl is our inspiration for not only our baby sunglasses company, but is now our entire world (parents out there, especially first time parents, you know what i am talking about). that’s why we struggled with the idea of writing this particular blog, but also why we decided we should: on the one hand we did not want to label our daughter to the world as a sob story or “broken” in some way (keep reading, she is in no way either…), but on the other, when she started having seizures at 4 months old we scoured the web for stories about baby seizures, hoping for at worst informative but scary, and at best reassuring content, but not always finding it.

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