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36 of the Best Gifts For Infants (besides our shades)

By Gen Cohen

Baby's first holiday or birthday can't pass unnoticed. Though they may have more fun with the box than anything in it, there are still plenty of fun gift ideas to add to their toy chest. From activity gyms and bead toys to an adorable rocker and the softest play mat ever, here are our 36 favorite baby gifts for this year!

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7 Carriers to Make Bike Riding With Tiny Ones Fun For the Whole Family

By Gen Cohen

Before we dive into this awesome list of 7 bike trailers for kids, it's important to remember to protect those little eyes with our Roshambo Shades for babies, kids and adults! They're light, comfortable, and they keep your junior's eyes safe from harmful UV rays!



Going for a bike ride as a family is a fun and fit bonding activity, but if you have a tiny one who isn't quite riding a bike on their own yet or can't keep up the same pace as older children, it could be difficult to execute. Don't skip the ride or have anyone stay behind — with one of these accessories, you can bring the entire family to the bike trail with ease.

Read on for seven bike accessories that will change your family's bike rides this Spring and Summer.

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12 Things Invented by Women That Moms Swear By

By Gen Cohen

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Bedroom Styles That Grow With Your Child

By Gen Cohen

Smart ways to upgrade your child's bedroom furniture, from toddler to tween


Switch the so-so drawer pulls on that nursery bureau with these colorful Dresserz knobs when your kid is ready to pick out his own attire (and, with any luck, put it away, too). Sweet illustrations of shirts, pants, jammies, socks, and underwear in both boy and girl color schemes make getting ready for the day easier and much more fun. $7.99 each or $14.99 for two, or $44.99 for six, Available for boys and girls


Pillow Talk

Your kid will beg to be tucked in if she can spend the night with a fave Nick character. This new furniture line by Lea includes beds, dressers, mirrors, desks, and chairs and has interchangeable panels so you can swap from Dora to SpongeBob to a fun graphic to plain white. For retailer information, visit


Board Games

Little ones love to play school, scribble self-portraits, and hang up their "art"; when it's time to get serious, they'll jot down to-dos (soccer practice, math homework, piano lessons), as well as tick off the days until the next school break. The Primary Schoolhouse Corkboard, Chalkboard, and Dry Erase Board can be used individually or as a set. $129 each,

Book Nook

Copies of Where the Wild Things Are, Curious George, and Goodnight Moon can find a home in this floor book bin from The Land of Nod. And, of course, when your son or daughter graduates to comic books, magazines, or the latest YA novel, this will keep them off the floor. Available in several colors. $199,

Divine Decals 

Removable wall art gives a room an instant (and cheap!) makeover, no paintbrush or drop cloths required. Your kid can choose from several collections, including funky flowers, darling animals or racing cars. Chalkboard and whiteboard decals are also available. Use several sets together or just a few; they're a snap to put up and peel off easily, so they can be arranged over and over. From $6,


A pair of our rad teal kids' Wayfarer sunglasses (pictured)! Choose from over 14 colors and 4 sizes ranging from baby - adult. From $20,

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