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We're #1! Named favorite baby sunglasses on the market!

By Scott Morris

Sorry, but we felt like doing a little bragging. Recently, a leading kids' sunglasses retailer (aptly named, My First Sunglasses Company) chose little ol' roshambo baby as their favorite baby sunglasses brand and the baby shades they recommend without hesitation to their parents seeking advice on the best baby sunglasses on the market. We thought we would share what they had to say, this is straight from their blog:

roshambo baby Designer Baby Sunglasses - We LOVE These Baby Sunglasses...Heres Why

Designer Baby Sunglasses from RoShamBo BabyMay 1, 2015

Spring is definitly here and lots of parents are shopping for a pair of awesome sunglasses for their child.  We are having a wonderful time talking with our customers all over the world helping parents looking for the perfect pair of stylin' sunglasses for their babies and kiddos.  The most common question we get is pretty straight forward, "which pair of sunglasses should I get for my child?" 

Though we stand behind all of the kids sunglasses and baby sunglasses we offer, we frequently point our parents toward our overall favorites.  RoShamBo Baby designer sunglasses for babies are easily our top pick!   We love this company and their products for so many reasons and we know that our parents do to when they recieve their order.

RoShamBo Baby is a small family run business, like us, based in California.  Unlike all of the other sunglasses companies we work with, we have built a personnal relationship with RoShamBo Baby and have gotten to know Scott (the "Chief Everything Officer") very well.  We were first drawn to their baby sunglasses because of their unique Italian made origins.   Most of our products originiate from Asia, which isn't all bad, but the factory making RoShamBo Baby sunglasses is a small family run business that Scott and his wife have personally toured.  Pretty cool!  Equally awesome is that the RoShamBo baby sunglasses have cool California styling with a classic retro-wayfarer look with super flexible frames made of baby safe materials.  We all know our babies love to put things in their mouths...including their sunglasses.  Last, but certainly not least every pair of RoShamBo Baby sunglasses sold helps support autism research.  No other kids sunglasses company does anything like this and that is pretty amazing!

It is easy to buy an inexpensive pair of kids sunglasses that will last a summer.  As a parent, it feels great getting an awesome pair of sunglasses for your baby that will last for years, comes from small family run businesses, is made of baby safe materials, and helps support autism research. For all of these reasons and many more you now know why we just plain LOVE RoShamBo Baby sunglasses and can easily point our parents and customers towards them. 

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Albinism Assist

By Scott Morris

Dear ro∙sham∙bo families,

Our company (mom, dad, and baby Avery are the whole team) loves making the best family shades (baby, junior, and matching adult sunglasses) on the market. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the adorable pictures our amazing customers send us of their kids and themselves sporting their new sunglasses. Every once in a while we get a unique story that we just have to share. This is one of those, and we love it because this was not something we thought about when we set out to make the best baby sunglasses around.

We would like to introduce you to little Owen. His mom was one of our early customers and they quickly became one of our favorites. Owen has albinism, so just going outside is extremely challenging for him due to his ultra sensitive eyes and fair complexion. His mom tried other baby sunglasses before finding us, and we are happy to report little Owen immediately loved his new shades. He was able to go out with his family, play in the yard, even go to the beach! Mom tells us that our shades are a lifesaver and really helping him enjoy the outdoors, not just endure it. Needless to say, we are beyond thrilled.


We did not have albino babies in mind when we started this company, but we are so honored that we are a small part of helping Owen explore the world! AND, as soon as he is ready for them, we have a pair of polarized junior shades with his name on them :)

As always,

Little People Deserve Big People Shades.

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