$500 Breaking Stereotypes Not Glasses Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who participated in our $500 Breaking Stereotypes Not Glasses Giveaway with Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder. As two small businesses with a eye for bright, colorful children's clothing and accessories, it's exciting to get the chance to work together and give back to our customers during this extraordinary time.


Congrats to our $500 Winner Sarah N.

Congratulations to Sarah N. and her adorable family! They will receive a $250 gift card to ro•sham•bo baby for sunnies, prescription glasses & blue light blocking glasses AND a $250 gift card to Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder brand clothing for matching mommy & me sets!  

And for everyone who participated (or wished you had), we are giving you all 15% off sunnies & blue light blocking glasses with the code "SPRING15".

Family Matching is Kinda Our Thing

Both companies are run by moms and dads so we just had to make some of our awesome gear for ourselves! You'll love that you can get Princess Awesome dresses in the same style and fun patterns as your little one, and then matching polarized adult shades to match! It's just too fun to pass up for a fun photo shoot or special event.

Celebrate Your Child's Uniqueness

If you don't know the brand, Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder create clothing styles that defy gender stereotypes. Girls deserve clothes that tell the world about all they’re interested in and encourage adults to do more than comment on how pretty they look. Boys deserve clothes that reflect the fact that they are the loving, kind-natured kids we all know and care about not just trucks and dinosaurs. 

Both companies love supporting children who want to find their own voice (and style) and express themselves in any way they want. How about a t-shirt with cats & ice cream with pink shades? Sounds striking! How about a dress with diggers & trucks with orange sunnies? Amazing!





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