Baby Recipes for the 8 Month Old Baby And Up

By Dallas Stevens

Baby Recipes for the 8 Month Old Baby And Up

Let's start 2016 with some healthy eating habits for baby!

Is your baby getting used to eating solid foods? Then it might be time to try some new, slightly more advanced baby food recipes from the good folks at Easy Baby Life.

 Here you’ll find recipes for babies 8 months or so, who have eaten solid food for a while.

While you wouldn’t want to start with these foods, they are good recipes for babies that are getting used to (and tired of) eating the same vegetable purees every day. Also, your baby’s tummy should be good at handling solids before you start with more advanced recipes.

Now might also be the time to offer one whole meal a day (for example the lunch) based on solid food instead of breast milk or formula. A baby portion is around 0.2 – 0.4 cups (0.5-1 dl) of food. (Find a feeding schedule for the 8 month old baby (and up) here.)