Dutch Style: Junior Shades in Belgium!

By Scott Morris

We wanted to take a moment to share this awesome blog post by our friends at Trends Shaker, a Dutch kids fashion blog. We loved the fall colors in their adorable outfits paired with our classic black and white junior sunglasses. How cute are these two! Not only are we protecting little eyes here at home, but we are happy to report we are making great strides to take our shades abroad too! 

When Billie Meets Lux, It's Gray Label and Roshambobaby We Discover!

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Remember our Wednesdays for Kids photo shoot one , two , tree and four
with Sanne and her daughter Billie ! We literally fell in love, did you?

This is the reason why we decided to continue on our way with a dubble quantity of cuteness as Sanne & Billie are introducing Sarah & Lux ! Sanne is so creative and Sarah so energetic, a perfect mix for an amazing shooting and a daily dose of inspiration on their instagram accounts : @mypixiestory and @haaikie !

We would like to introduce you those brands we recently discovered and immediately adopted : Gray Label and Roshambobaby!

Billie wears: Shoes Adidas / Socks Gray label / Dress Gray label / Sunglasses Roshambobaby

Lux wears: Shoes Vans / Striped sweater Gray label / Sunglasses Roshambobaby

Getting ready for a shooting it's a lot of backstage preparation !

Hopefully those two were there to help us...